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Mobile and SMS solutions, integrated with Client’s Databases.
GIS based API integrated with Client’s web Application.
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Magnus is a professionally managed, market driven, technology oriented, customer focused and forward looking Information Technology ISO 9001-2008 Company   providing various kinds of     e-solutions under one umbrella .

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  • “PRAGYA” for SSB implemented in 7 States .
  • Established Digital Control Room.
  • Working with Indian ARMY[HQCC, LKO].
  • GIS Based Information Tracking System.
  • Crew Scheduling Software for 107 Depots.
  • Transfer and ACR Tracking System for officers
  • 1-Digital Control Room

    Audio and Video calls, Single Number Dialing, Remote Conferencing, Faxes, SMS, E-mails, E-Directory for Desktop and Mobile.

  • 2-Help Center & Grievance Monitoring System

    This software has been developed for ARMY HQCC, LUCKNOW Year 2012.

  • 3-Surya Aspirations

    Discussion forum and Complaint Monitoring System for the Officials to invite all visionaries to express or articulate their opinions.

  • 4-PRAGYA : An Information Tracking System

    Intelligence and Operational Management System being implemented in seven states of entire SSB, Govt of India.

  • 4-Personnel Information & ACR Tracking System

    The department can adjudge the performance of the PPS Officers every year in the areas of their work, conduct, character and capabilities.

  • 5-Daily Information System

    The main objective of this web based application is to track the daily information entered from all districts and SPR offices of Intelligence Department in the state Uttar Pradesh.

  • 6-Office Automations

    In Office Automation following Browser Based applications are in progress for UPPRPB
    (1) Message / Utility Board , (2) File Movement and Tracking System., (3) Inventory Management System.,
    (4) Library Management System., (5) Mail Messaging and File Sharing.

  • 7-Letter Monitoring and File Tracking System

    File Tracking System is an browser based application to monitor and keep track of the movement of the files being shared between Officers and Sections located at Police Recruitment and Promotion Board.

  • 8-Inventory Management System

    The objective of Inventory Management System is to develop a transparent system for the material procurement and optimum utilization of materials from District Offices and Head Quarter of UPPRPB

  • 9-Library Management System

    It is a Browser based on-Line Library Management Software. This System will provide a search functionality to facilitate the search of resources.

  • 10-Workshop Management System

    Workshop Management System is On-Line Browser Based software for managing the entire operations in the workshop. It is the system through which the user can monitor the Insheddings / Outshedding of Buses and take care of their Maintenance.

  • 11-Resource Management System

    This System will facilitate easy information flow and efficient monitoring of schemes monitored at 40 districts in the state and this would safeguard interest of stakeholders like fishermen, buyer, service provider etc.

  • 12-Inventory Management & Parts Tracking System

    IMPARTS is a Web Enabled Inventory Management System to manage and maintain the Rs. 1500 Cr Inventory exists in various stores of Central Store at Lucknow, 2 Central Workshop, 125 Regional & Depot Workshops of UPSRTC in entire state of Uttar Pradesh.


    An optimal schedule is characterized by maximum Bus Utilization [BU] on different routes in the state.

  • 14-Duty Management Software For Time Office

    The main objective of Time Office is to manage duty allocation of Drivers and Conductors on the basis of their performance on the available Vehicles and Routes to obtain the optimum utilization of resources.

  • 15-Pay Roll Management System

    “Pay Roll System” is an Integrated System that provides the Personnel Information of each Employee in Head Quarter of UPSRTC and their salary benefits along with the preparation of Salary for them.

  • 16-ERP For Pharmaceautical Industry

    ERP Solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) for Pharmaceutical Industries, which will be tightly, integrated solution for various Manufacturing Units, Sales Divisions and Head office.

  • 17-ERP Module For Raw Material Procurement

    Raw material procurement is based on required production / Sale forecast. It acts like the link of supply chain management and Material Resource planning process.

  • 18-ERP Module For Production

    ERP for Production unit includes multiple facility planning and execution capabilities that streamline demand and supply.

  • 19-ERP Module For Quality control

    This module is related with each department and quality control test are preformed at various levels starting from raw materials till finished goods.


    This module monitors the entire distribution of finish goods i.e medicines start from the production unit to the sales depot offices or direct sales is made.